Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ok so the new box art :(

I was really excited for this game and I love playing it right now but…

why did they do this?

It’s really disappointing :(

It doesn’t match at all and it’s just lazy and ugly.

#Ok that’s it, I promise I won’t rant too much on this blog u_u


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    lol Same. I almost missed it when I was looking for it because I was looking for a design similar the the first 3.
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    trust me, in the EU version, ALL the sides of the Layton games are this lazy |D
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    Maybe because the games are in trilogies? And maybe the style is supposed to be different for each..? Idk, I don’t like...
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    Wow. I didn’t notice either. Well it’s probably because they rushed and cranked the game out? Maybe?
  6. robopolis said: Okay that is pretty lame, compared to the rest pfft
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    Oh wow I never noticed that. At least the front is pretty though!
  8. jules420kickflip said: ugh I HATE when they do this. Squeenix is a repeating offended of the boring binding and it drives me bananas
  9. zefu said: Maybe because its a prequel and not part of the original trilogy?
  10. lisola said: I think so too :/
  11. sweetblaster said: it looks like some serious sci-fi thing where everything is DARK and GRITTY and STREAMLINED
  12. gartastic said: geee why are you nitpicking? lol i totally get where youre coming from though
  13. outerspacecake said: :C
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